1º Açaí Energy Drink in a can
Pioneer in developing a range of Açaí products, the engineer Marco A. Castilho gained his knowledge through these 23 years of work.
When he lived in Belém – PA, he participated to the construction of one of the first frozen Açaí production line and in that time he also had contact to many species of Açaí, like Euterpe precatoria, Euterpe oleracea and others, as well as, all the extraction process logistics in different regions of amazon.
After that step, it starts the development process of industrialized Açaí products.            
Energy Drink formutalion with açaí and fruits concentrate (MonaVie brand).
1º Açaí Juice in a can
Bony Açaí
Production line development, formulation and supervision of the Bony juice packing.
1º Açaí Juice in a Tetra Pack packaging
Industrial fabrication process and 750ml Tetra Pack packing of the “Açaí based food with Guaraná and Vitamins A, E and C” Bony Açaí brand (Comary Group, Arbor Brasil division, Flores da Cunha unit).
Bony Açaí
1º Açaí functional Snack
Smart Açaí
Project development and formulation in personal lab of the first ready to eat Freeze Dried Açaí based product (Smart Açai brand).
Food Ingredients – Excellence Awards winner with the most innovative functional product of 2013.
1º Acaí bar
Complete development project formulation, process and production of the first Açaí bar in market (Hinode brand)
Other developments
Formulation development, production line assembly project for Açaí Cream with Guaraná and caramelized fruits (Banana and Strawberry).
Complete formulation development of the Açaí Cream with Guaraná (Ricaeli brand) and Zero Sugar version.
Formulation development of the Açaí Juice with Guaraná (Amazoo brand).
Development of the Açaí Juice packed in aseptic bag.
Mais Fruta
Development of the Açaí tradicional Mix, Zero Sugar and Organic.
Formulation development of the Guaraná Syrup that sweetens and gives taste to the Açaí Cream with Guaraná (Frooty brand).
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