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Karoço de Açaí

0% sugar, colours, preservatives, flavourings, sodium, gluten and lactose
Functional Acai Snack
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Karoço is a concentrated superfood that gathers Açaí, Acerola, Brazilian Nut and Guaraná.

Natural, practical and tasty, the Karoço de Açaí offers a daily dosage of antioxidants combined with vitamins, minerals and fiber, and can be consumed by all people. Caroço is the name popularly used to describe the fruit of açaí in the Amazon region, and from now on Karoço will be the name used worldwide to Açaí Evolution.

  • Coverage: cocoa butter,lyophilized açaí, maltodextrin, lyophilized acerola, guaraná powder, acacia gum, shellac. Natural sweeteners: stevia and erytritol, emulsifier: soy lecithin (INS 322), acidulant: citric acid (INS330), identical to natural flavoring guaraná.

  • Core: chestnut flour from Brazil and rice flour.

  • 100% of daily antioxidant needs only in 30g

  • Contains 95% of the daily requirement of selenium, a chestnut natural property

  • Vitamin C Properties, prevenient of the lyophilized Acerola

  • The energy of Guaraná powder

  • Pasteurized Core by the extrusion process, eliminating any risk of contamination

  • Comes ready for consuming, practical and suitable for any situation or place

  • No addition of sugar, it is naturally sweetened with stevia

  • No preservatives or dyes (ingredients used in guarana syrup, which sweeten the traditional açai)

  • Açaí: Contains lots of vitamin E with high contents of anthocyanins that are antioxidants, the Açai fruit also improves blood circulation and combats free radicals. Adding to that it has lots of fiber, which promote better intestinal transit.

  • Acerola: It is a fruit rich in vitamin C, natural antioxidants and a source of beta-carotene. In addition Acerola has high volumes of vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and manganese.

  • Guaraná powder - It has stimulant properties of the central nervous system, facilitates the abilities of concentration and reasoning. The Guarana Powder also reduces migrains and reduces motor and psychic fatigue added to a feeling of well-being due to the caffeine of the fruit.

  • Brazilian Nut - Contains high levels of selenium and protein, the Brazilian nut slows down ageing and combats premenstrual tension. It also preserves skin elasticity and neutralizes free radicals.

Brand: Smart Açaí
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