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Eng° Marco A. Castilho

From Serra Pelada to the food Oscar

On the left, the engineer Marco A. Castilho and his friend in Serra Pelada.
In the middle, the engineer Marco A. Castilho receiving the award.
It was in Serra Pelada in 1983 that the engineer Marco A. Castilho tried Açaí for the first time.
30 years later, he attends to the biggest food award by Food Ingredients, with the innovative Açaí product.
How did it all start?
The first contact with the fruit happened in Pará at the São Felix do Xingu region, where it could only be reached by boat or airplane. 
Rapids of the Xingu river
Until today, the americans have not undertood how a little Cesna for six people could take off with nine passengers and more 200kg of loads.
In Pará...
And in Serra Pelada...
On the left, the engineer Marco A. Castilho beside his friend.
On the left, the engineer Marco A. Castilho beside his friend prospecting in Serra Pelada.    
At Serra Pelada, the ascent and descent run to the pit (the working area) used to take 10km.  
That run was daily made and they needed to climb several latters of 10 meters height each. The Açaí was widely consumpt by the workers in Serra Pelada, because gave them energy and by watching these people eating somenthing purple, Marco looked into what it was about. After learning about the Açaí, Marco started eating and realizing that, beside the energy he felt every day, the fruit was reducing his muscular pains.
How did he come up with the Idea?
The Açaí was served as a cocktail and using a frosting machine with the mix of Açaí, guaraná and fruits that the inovation started off. What subsequently would be called MIX.     
In a cafe at Chez Michou branch in Guarujá.
The engineer Marco A. Castilho beside his wife.
Later, since the machine had a high cost and difficult access, he came up with the great ideia of producing the MIX and filling in pots of 200 grams.
O sucesso do 1° Mix de Açaí e o impacto no mercado
1º MIX Açaí Factory

Over many years the Açaí was restricted to Rio de Janeiro, served in bowls. In 1995, the engineer Marco A. Castilho created the first ready to eat Açaí product: The Açaí MIX or “açaí in little pot”, what was the origin of the expression “Mix”.

This pioneer work openned the Açai market to Brasil and the world for presenting an approachable and practical look.
The success of the 1º Açaí Mix and its impact in market
News in newspapers around many regions
With the MIX success, the açaí started to be known in more areas and spreding quickly across the country.
The consultant carreer begins
With an in-depth knowledge and experience gained through the years about the Açaí, Marco decided to start his carreer as a consultant.
He worked providing  his knowledge to assorted companies during almost 10 years at the industrial area in projects as fruit improvements and developing juices, Açaí mix and innovative products like the Açaí snack that inclusive won the award.  
- Fruta Mil
- Frooty
- Ricaeli
- MonaVie
- Bony Açaí
- Amazoo
- Mais Fruta
- Agrana
- Hinode
Food Award
Always innovating
He attended to the biggest brazilian food award – Food Ingredients – considered the food Oscar, in one of his successful developments with a innovative product of Açaí called Karoço from the Smart Açaí company.
The engineer Marco A. Castilho receiving the award at Casa das Caldeiras in São Paulo.
A product that emulates the fruit on its shape, the innovation comes from the combination of cocoa butter with freeze dried Açaí, freeze dried acerola, guaraná powder and a core made of brazilian nut cereal, resulting in the winner of the Food Ingredients awards as “the most innovative functional product of 2013” recognised by a committee with 30 renowned food professionals.
2016 - nowadays
The establishment of a family company
He has started a family company, Açaí da Fábrica, where his sons administrate and manage the establishment to continue his business in the future.
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