Hello, we are specialized in Açaí. Our 20 years experience helps a lot to guarantee safety and quality to our raw materials, promoting premium functional products development.

Açaí is a superb nutricional fruit, however, there are not many products in market which do not contain chemical additives, sugar, preservatives and colouring. The guaraná syrup largely used in most of them is the greatest villain.

Thinking that, Açaí da Fábrica comes to provide products that utilize Freeze Dried 100% pure Açaí in plenty of shapes as bars, snacks, powder mix for juices, always with Açaí as base in its composition.


Products with:

0% Sugar (we use natural sweeteners)

0% Colouring

0% Preservatives

0% Flavouring

0% Sodium

0% Gluten

0% Lactose

Therefore, we try to help the nutricionist to give a safe prescription about all the Açaí benefits.

Check out our Functional Line technical datasheets clicking

We work with sustainable raw materials


Ribeirinho before

Ribeirinho after

The increase in Açaí consumption has been improving significantly the riverside inhabitants quality of life, since there is a extraction culture of natural resources.

We buy the fruit straight from ribeirinho (riverside native inhabitant) in certificated areas and we monitor every step until the final product.

Brazilian Nut

Being a reference in forest preservation, strengthening  the brazilian nut productive chain, generating income and sustainable development through the health food production, that is Coopavam’s mission.

III Co-operative Economy Seminar

We use Freeze Dried fruits

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